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Owner and chiropractor of Dalton Chiropractic. My philosophy is to provide chiropractic care to patients of all ages in a drug free fashion through spinal and extraspinal manipulation, physiotherapy, exercise routines, nutritional advice or recommendations; postural and work related changes. This is accomplished by a vast array of techniques chiropractic methods that range form very soft to more active approaches, sacral occipital, connective tissue molding, trigger point, meridian therapy, stretches, exercise consulting and cupping.

How Long Can The Coronavirus Stay On Various Surfaces?

This is a good article that studied how long the coronavirus will be able to stay on the surface of various items (fomites) or remain airborne (aerosol) and viable (still “alive” and infectious). This was released by on March … Continue reading

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Arthritis: What’s It All About: Part 1

This is a three part series about arthritis. The next two parts are sources of inflammation and how to treat joint degeneration. Arthritis is a broad term encompassing over 100 different conditions that effect the joint(s). The word is broken … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late to Exercise!

  Movement is key to a healthy lifestyle. We hear it all the time, yet it is hard to get started! Maybe this little bit info might get you going.   This study was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine … Continue reading

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Pain: The Great Deceiver!

      I am often asked, “I’m not in any pain now, so can I go back to my routine?” The answer is, soon, but not quite yet! This is a dangerous point when you feel as though you’re a 100%, … Continue reading

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The Tissue Test

As you know, videos are an excellent tool for learning. I made one to help visualize some traits of a muscle injury. Before looking at the video, a brief discussion should be done fist. The technical term for a muscle … Continue reading

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Steroid Injections For Back Pain: How Effective Is It?

I read an interesting research article in the January 2018 of The Spine Journal [1].  This paper was looking at a time period of 5 years after the last injection of steroid to the intervertebral foramen (IVF) to assess the lasting … Continue reading

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Things to Know About Stretching: Functional Stretching-The New Way Of Warming Up!

Functional Stretching Functional stretching is a relatively new concept that’s replacing the traditional static type stretching for pre-activity warm-ups. As the name implies, functional stretching deals with movement related stretching that is similar to dynamic stretching, but includes sport or … Continue reading

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Things to Know about Stretching: Dynamic Stretching

          Click photos for video Dynamic Stretching This type of stretching is very similar to the active static stretch except that dynamic stretching, the joint is going through a range of motion. By this I mean … Continue reading

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Things to Know about Stretching: Active Static Stretch

Position A                                               Position B Last blog discussed one of two different types of static stretching which is … Continue reading

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The Different Types of Stretches: Static

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